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July 19, 2008

Confusion on DeviantArt

I’ve been browsing through Photography > People&Portraits, looking for a photo I once saw but forgot to +fav it. And then I got stumped by the sub-categories — they apparently didn’t mean the same thing to different photographers.

To my uneducated eyes, there’s little difference between ‘Emotive‘ and ‘Expressive‘ photos. Understandable, because the descriptions of these two categories leave the interpretation rather subjective.

In some other categories that should have quite clearer borders, however, I am utterly confused. I have no idea how ‘classical’ is defined in ‘Classic Portraits’ description, or ‘spontaneous’ in ‘Spontaneous Portraits’. Reading the descriptions was educational, but hardly helpful.

In the ‘Classic Portraits‘ case, most photographers seem to see the word ‘classic’ and run away with it. This means the category is overrun by photos of people in period clothings, famous (or would-be famous) photos (as in being seen on the internet for a long period of time[1]), and some others that beg for a question: which dictionary are you using, exactly?

While browsing in ‘Spontaneous Portraits‘, I amused myself by imagining the photographer stopping the time to adjust the pose, arrange the props to his heart’s content, then flicking the time right on and shooting.Or surely, if there’s at least a single strand of hair out of place, a blade of grass stuck on the leggings, the photograph could be considered ‘spontaneous’.

After awhile, the best practice for using DeviantArt Browse is to come up with my own descriptions, trying to match the categories with the general trends of posted works.

This is actually fun :)

Artistic Nude‘: more in-your-face nude than usual
Classic Portrait‘: photographer’s favourite works
Emotive‘: mostly moody-sad-contemplative close-ups and, unsurprisingly, lots of ’emo’
Expressive‘: like emotive, but more mime-like
Miscellaneous‘: posted by honest photographers who admit to not knowing what the fuss these categories are about.
Costplay‘: clothes that normal people won’t wear to church on Sunday.
Pin up‘: I rather like this. It’s mostly girls in minuscule clothes with provocative poses, posted by frank photographers with no pretension to be ‘artistic’.


[1] This generates even more confusion to me, since a measure of ‘long time’ is definitely relative on the internet, without the need to proof Einstein’s General Relativity Theory. Nowadays, something being circulated around for two weeks can be ‘classic’.

October 5, 2007

Welcome to Blumenstr.

ผนังด้านนึงเป็นสีส้มเมล่อน อีกด้านสีเขียวเลม่อนอ่อนๆ อยู่แล้วมึนหัวสลับกับอยากกินเฌอเบ่ต์
เจ้าสังขยา … ผ้าห่มทีด้านนึงเป็นรสใบเตย อีกด้านรสวานิลลา… มาแล้วคงเข้ากับห้องพอดิบพอดี


moving-coffee.jpg moving-unpack.jpg moving-truck.jpg
moving-ready2go.jpg moving-garden.jpg

1. กะแล้ว ว่าอย่างแรกที่ต้องซื้อหลังจากย้ายบ้าน คือกาแฟ
2. แกะกระเป๋า รื้อเสื้อผ้าออกมาซะก่อนที่จะยับไปกว่านั้น ที่เหลือที่ก้นกระเป๋า มีแต่หนักๆทั้งนั้น
3. เดินเล่นกับแก๊ปวันอาทิตย์ ถนนเส้นนี้อยู่เลียบหน้าผา สวยมาก
4. สวน เดิน ต้นไม้ แดด เหนื่อย คนเยอะ ว่าจะมาอีก ไกล
5. แพ๊คกระเป๋าเตรียมตัวเดินทางอีกครั้ง คราวนี้ตรงเข้าบ้านใหม่ที่ Loechgau

August 29, 2007

The Flickr Affair

I’m so fed up with Flickr‘s *free account* limits. Grrr. I was one of the early adopters — though not much of a community-builder myself, I never passed up the chance to rec’ their awesome service and the *unlimited* storage to friends and family. Then came along the spider called Yahoo!.

I quited Yahoo! Photos and escaped to the then-new Flickr for a reason, you know.

Yes, I’m still mentioning Flickr as the best site for photo hosting and sharing to newbies, because, admit it, for a normal user who wants to share an album or two, they still are. For an armature photographer, blogging crafter, aspiring technology-blogger and self-proclaimed Internet junkie, this “most-recent 200-photo limit” is ridiculous. Basically, my older photos are being kept as hostages until I pay 25 bucks a year? No, no, my photos are still out there somewhere, suspended in the free-account realm. But I. Just. Can’t. See. Them. Nuh-uh, no access from any third-party services (which are what keep Flickr so darn attractive to me). I guess I can only hope that some other unlimited photo-comm-services published their APIs and get picked up by developers. *hint*Picasa Web Album*hint*

Why Yahoo!? Why, Flickr, why?

My growing list of Pro-Cons

————– Flickr —————
(+) Direct upload with FlickrUploadr & Picasa plugin
(-) incorrect char-set for Thai comments when uploaded from Picasa
(+) On-photo notes

(+) Nested comments
(+) Slickr interface & easier online management
(+) Geotag and show with Yahoo!Map

(+) Lots of third-party services
(+) Better community tools (groups, pools & forums)

(+) Direct upload from Picasa Desktop (PD)
(+) Thai comments okay
(-) Only photo’s caption, no title, no note
(-) Flat comments
(-) Box-y interface

(+) Geotag from PD with Google Earth (with .kml export), but..
(-) No online Google map (why!?)
(o) Can’t find any
(o) Not much activity where I tried (perhaps I haven’t hit the right albums)

Note: When I say “no <something>” or “can’t <do something>”, what I really mean is that “… not without (re)searching/installing some other softwares/modifying some scripts”

August 5, 2007

Study Session

Eh, don’t look so surprised. I do have that word in my dictionary, you know.
This is how I usually deal with exams.

last exam – a week before: Chill, man.

a week before – 72 hours before: getting agitated/fed up with own laziness, but still no texts is touched.

72 hours before – 48 hours before: realising own mistake (again). too disappointed with self to do anything yet.

48 hours before – 12 hours before: Som-a-reading. trying to cram everything inside the brain (what brain?)

12 hours before…: Please, no more. urgh~ Zzz…

February 20, 2007

Oecher Karnival ’07

The pictures were just in. Have a look & leave comments at Flickr’s Karnival tag. Or download the whole bunch from Picasaweb Album.