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April 12, 2008

AHHHHHHH! (When Word 2007 Ate My Report)

The whole two most-productive days of report-writing/bullshit-typing. For. No-. Thing!
Where the heck is my saved file. Huh? HUH?!

My left pinkie and index were camping permanently on [Ctrl] and [S] for 10 hours a day for those last two days.
Even now they’re twitching. Twitching! To save something every five-fucking-minutes!

—- during the day —-
Me: §Work for 5 minutes§
Me: §Save§
MS Word 2007: §Saving the document …. Done!§

repeat {* … *} for hundreds of times

—- end of day —
Me: §Close the document and re-open§
MS Word 2007: §Proudly shows the report last saved seconds ago§
Me: §Save a duplicate as a new document just to be sure§
MS Word 2007: §Obediently complies§

— at home —-
Me: §Open the original report file§
MS Word 2007: §Shows a report last saved a week ago, minus twenty or so pages§
Me: §Stare blankly§ Huh?
Me: §Try to open the duplicate file§
Vista: §No such file found§
Me: §Desperately search for any file in the USB modified since last week§
Vista: §Shows a bunch of non-Word files§
Me: §Frantically try to open Most Recent Files from Word 2007§
MS Word 2007: §Encounters a serious problem§
Vista: “MS Word 2007 has stopped working” §cues white-out screen and evil laughters§
MS Word 2007: §Exits stage left. Or carried out in pieces on a stretcher, I don’t really fucking care§

—- now —
MS Word 2007: §ish ded§
Me: §ish also ded§

The punch line is:- Report deadline is on Monday.
Yes, that’s 48 hours from now.