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June 21, 2008

Murzkine Mock-Up (II)

Still trying to come up with a theme I could live with.
For a while in any case.

A contestant to the previous Peach-on-Chocolate sketch.

This time doodled in Photoshop, so I could play with the Watercolor Brushes.

Normal text without anti-alias: Verdana 11px (20px line height).
Headings/Quotes: Georgia of various sizes

The latter will be rendered by sIFR into overlaying Flash. Awesome tool when not overused. :)

How does Verdana 11px look like in Thai, though?

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June 9, 2008

Please help: Murzkine Mock-Up

Anything I ought to change?
Text too difficult to read?
Footnote too confusing?

Don’t want to spend another day trying to codify it, and then realising the new looks were bad from the start.
*is nervous. bites nails.*

Scribble sheet
Whole page

– All Tahoma text will hopefully be clearer in real pages.
– Weird problem with Thai passage is from Illustrator acting up. If you think the Thai font is large enough to read, it should be all right. *crosses fingers*.