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August 17, 2007

Edward Elric – FMA paper model #2

I’ve been meaning to create an Elric-family reunion, but then the laziness and other things (a jar, OCs, wonders, etc.) got in the way. But since I promised someone to make the reunion possible by the end of this week (*looks at the calendar*, whew~), here goes…

Elric brother the elder, Ed-kun!

Behind the scene
wip_ed-kun5 wip_ed-kun2 wip_ed-kun4

Funny thing is, he’s nearly twice as tall as Al-kun. That’s probably why he’s smirking so much.
I couldn’t stand His sheer Smugness so I flicked him off the table. Twice.

Al-kun’s for cooing and snuggling. Ed-kun’s for target-practicing when I want to wring someone’s neck.

Go and grab your own chibi Ed.
See what he’s supposed to look like here.

ตั้งใจจะทำ Edward ไว้ให้ Al-kun นานแล้วล่ะ แต่…
ขอมาพิมพ์ใหม่วันหลังนะ -“-

July 23, 2007

Work-in-Progress, nogisu

The bear-bee from Kyou Kara Maou.

In the world of herbivorous sharks, desert-dwelling pandas, and homicidal koalas with split-personalities, these bear-bees are mostly harmless.

nogisu wip_nogisu_sketchup
wip_nogisu_pepakura wip_nogisu_pepakura2
wip_nogisu_illus2 wip_nogisu_illus4

References: Anime ep. 18 | Portrait of a Demon King

UPDATE: Finished! Grab it here.

nogisu_photo_front nogisu_photo_back

July 17, 2007

Anime on the Radar


Baccano! (trailer and promo on Animesuki)

  • Alchemy – checked
  • Steam locomotive – checked
  • Mafia – checked
  • Muted colour palette – checked
  • Helpless-looking lad running for his life – checked

Can’t wait for the first episode.

Zombie-Loan, subbed by Shinsen Subs (first two episodes on AS)

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, subbed by A.F.K. (first episode on AS). Love the nod to Kafka.

I promised myself not to buy any more craft tools, gadgets, and/or raw materials – just-in-case – until I manage to finish the WIP projects first. The WIP basket has been filling quickly and is now brimming with Gou’s Weasley jumper, Onigiri, granny squares, Little Theodore (who has been missing his eyes and ears since March), and various other unidentified scraps. So cabling without a cable needle is just the perfect skill to pick up right now.

Hmm… should I start that lovely Celtic sweater?

October 11, 2006

Death Note ep.01

Since the series seems to be adopted by so many subbers — newer versions keep coming out, or getting ‘updated/improved’, I had to settle with TWv2; otherwise, by the time ep.03 is subbed, I would have nearly 20 files of DN lying around. Not to mention time spent on comparing and making screencaps. I have free time, but not that much.

Death Note ep.01

  1. Death Note (デスノート)
  2. OP: look for the fresco-like painting of God and Adam, er, Ryūku and Raito. Hilarious.
  3. He’s, let’s say, the protagonist (saying ‘hero’ would be stretching it a bit): Yagami Raito. To him, something’s rotten in the state of the world.
  4. Never pick up anything dropped on the school’s lawn, especially if you see it falling from the sky.
  5. Wow, the movement is so fluid.
  6. Love the sequence. It’s like Yagami is physically slashing and killing off each victims. Or signing their death sentences.
  7. ED: look for the mirror images of doves and crows.
  8. Shinigami Ryūku. While curiosity kills the cat, boredom damn near genocides the mice.

Lesson learned:
Bored Demented Shinigami + Bored Megalomaniac Boy Genius = never a good thing

October 8, 2006

Dilemma of a Fansubs’ Watcher

‘Pumpkin Scissors’ (Gonzo) ep.1 is still sitting patiently in HD. Or maybe not.
The said external HD has been rumbling intermittently.
I suppose it means to convey some complaints (Defrag me! Scan me! Let me rest!), but to no avail.

Now, choosing the right ‘Death Note’ fansub to watch is a dilemma.
# Toriyama World’s (174.7 Mb) showed up first, on AnimeSuki. The second version was recently released .
# Live-eviL’s (173.8 Mb) followed, I got it in hope to find a quality sub like those of ‘Last Exile’.
# Desuno Fansubs’ (105.2Mb)

IMHO, while TW’s video is obviously smoother (with all those dark scenes, the glitches are quite obvious in LE’s), its yellow-font subtitle is like a bright beacon at the bottom of the screen, destroying the suspense/dark settings somewhat.

I’m still flipping a coin — whether or not to try Desuno’s.

Alternative of Death Note’s ending: DN Fake Ending
I found this link on a webboard somewhere. Since I haven’t finished reading the manga, there’s no way to decide if this fan-ending is better or worse. Or more satisfying.

Screenshots will follow. Now I’ve gotta run to catch 420 to Maastricht.