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(NA) Caylus

18.02.07 Rating: N/A
I’ve played only two games so far, one 2P and the other 3P.

Why the need to put 4-5 mechanics into a game and separate a round into many phases I don’t know. I have yet to think of a more suitable theme to remember all the rules and exceptions. It received SdJ for ‘complexity’. IMO, doing so many things in repetitive order, most of them confine and complicate each other, and again, and again, does not simply mean award-winning ‘complex’. More like scratching-my-head, “Wha– I can’t do that? What the hell am I supposed to do next? What do you mean you get one more point and I don’t? What now?”

The artwork doesn’t help either, looking like a school art class assignment, however good a grade it would deserve. Multi-colour colour-pencil on a water-colour-texture board? Come on! Drab-looking obviously-CG building tiles? And don’t get me started on the central theme of the board, the majestic castle. Some colours of the player pieces I would never pick, since it’s so difficult to find on the rainbow-coloured board. (I think I complain too much *sighs*)

The good point is there’s little luck involved, making it possible to ponder/daydreaming some new strategies outside of the game, though others’ play will definitely disrupt that — understandably. Nevertheless, I’d rather play Go for a no-luck strategic-tactical game. You think, you put your piece on the board, and you’re done for the turn.

For now, Caylus’s way too mechanical, repetitive and fiddly for me. I probably won’t suggest it on a gaming weekend, but won’t object it either. I’ve never won once, so a rematch is always welcome :P.

Rating a game after two plays with incomplete rules — (the guy kept forgeting telling some and keeping some for ‘later in the game’, since ‘it’d be too complex to tell you now.’ — won’t be fair. I suspect this is a game that might grow on me later on. Like mold :D

PS: I’m beginning to get used to his (playful)-boasting and teasing and mocking and drawing out every little victory. The keyword being ‘beginning’.


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