Life in a Basement

In a week I’ll be moving along with Andrea and Anna to the new house.
Being a small town, the new house ‘at the opposite end of the town’ means that we have to walk all of fifteen minutes to get there from the current one.

My new room will be in the basement, a surprisingly nice wood-panelled little room in the corner, surrounded by cold unpainted cement walls and labyrinth-like ways leading to the washing room, the engine room, and some kind of a pit that I do not want to think what it was for.

I seem to always end up in a basement eventually.

At least this time, there will be no wall-to-wall cabinet filled with life-like dolls, their large glassy eyes fixed unseeingly toward a poster bed. My poster bed. No wonder why the family used it primarily as a storage room. ‘Creepy’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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3 Comments to “Life in a Basement”

  1. moving again?

    post some photos too ok?

  2. [Pim] i just posted some of the current room on flickr. :)

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