I’m a balanced sort of guy

via Escribitionist and @celerachan

Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 40%
Likelihood of you being MALE is 60%

And how was this analysed?

Site Male-Female Ratio
google.com 0.98
youtube.com 1
facebook.com 0.83
flickr.com 1.15
tv.com 0.96
deviantart.com 1.02
mininova.org 1.63

Curiously, not many female visitors on Mininova? Youtube has perfectly distributed demography of viewers? Are blokes that interested in seeing what’s on TV? I thought random channel-surfing was a male-thing.

In any case, perhaps they forgot one ingenious invention in the history of internet:
Porn-site History wash :D

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2 Comments to “I’m a balanced sort of guy”

  1. Mine is as follows:
    Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 2%
    Likelihood of you being MALE is 98%

    Site Male-Female Ratio
    ebay.com 1.11
    amazon.com 0.9
    facebook.com 0.83
    paypal.com 1.04
    cnn.com 1.35
    blogger.com 1.06
    wordpress.com 0.98
    apple.com 0.89
    nytimes.com 1.13
    nasa.gov 1.38
    time.com 1.44
    linkedin.com 0.94
    bbc.co.uk 1.44
    deviantart.com 1.02
    gizmodo.com 2.08
    last.fm 0.96
    hi5.com 0.85
    nationalgeographic.com 0.94
    meebo.com 0.83
    sony.com 1.08
    archive.org 1.11
    alibris.com 0.77
    cnbc.com 1.99
    amazon.co.uk 1.11
    blackberry.com 1.11
    gmail.com 0.9
    mail.ru 1.53
    opera.com 1.35
    economist.com 1.47
    modmyifone.com 2.03
    dafont.com 0.71

  2. [Viroj] Curiously, my browsing history is pretty much like yours. I just did the test not long after I cleaned it up. You know, just in case… ahem ;)
    BTW, since when have you gone “2.0”?

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