RIP My Website (1996-2008)

This article via Spoongraphics

Can’t help but laugh at the screenshots. What were they thinking?

Hang on.
I think these blinding, psychedelic design are quite familiar.

Remember our computer class in the, oh, 8th Grade?
Everybody excited about HTML and first-time programming something.
TABLES were oh-my-god-so-Difficult.
IFRAMES were all the rage.

Girls would go searching for cute bullets, buttons, wallpapers and Sanrio-character graphic.
Boys would collect their favourite sports/bands pictures and banners.
And then we had a bet going who would be able to cram the most into a page.
The unofficial prize would go to the flashiest, most-embedded-to-heck website of the class.

Remember, this is a dial-up days of woefully slow connection, when 28.8 kbs was pretty fast.
But nobody cared about that, really.
We were just having a blast, like having another room of our own to decorate and fill up with stuff we like.

I’m still attempting to make a website from time to time.
Have learned quite a lot about various mark-ups, web typography, accessibility, blah blah blah, since then.

But somehow, creating website isn’t as fun as it used to be.
And the room doesn’t feel like something of mine anymore.


6 Comments to “RIP My Website (1996-2008)”

  1. huh, huh? your website? why RIP? i must misunderstand something.

  2. [Mook] LOL, I doubt you misunderstood, for there was nothing to be understood in the first place. I’m just commiserating the lost idea of having fun while creating/updating a website. Doing it now seems more like a task, or a challenge, but hardly fun.

    My very own website, the one I treated as an extended room to my home, where I just put anything I like in, and if others didn’t like it could just sod off, was dead.

  3. actually, i kind of liked that nebular background back then… lol

  4. [P Pim] Yeah, so did I :)
    whatever happened to , I wonder.

  5. < blink > < /blink >

  6. I still remember my experience designing a website for my club on a monthly basis (while other clubs didn’t even have a website) with a theme (like the Mummy theme or something) and I had to go back and forth between Dreamweaver, GoLive, html code, IE, Netscape to finally upload it. What a fun!

    But now I don’t even have time to truly design a full-scale website that I really dedicate my time designing it. Goshdarnit! The power of youth has faded.

    I understand how you feel cuz right now I’m feeling the same. *sob*

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