Murzkine Mock-Up (II) – Codified

Murz proudly presents…
{ Curly Murzkine }

In awe with sIFR and Blueprint at the moment.

CSS validated and passed with no error/warning (from my side, anyway)
(X)HTML, though, seems to be breaking nearly every rule there is.

One of these days, I’ll try to learn and use it properly.

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5 Responses to “Murzkine Mock-Up (II) – Codified”

  1. that’s not english!?!?!? – -” is it your own content? what language is that?

    anyway, i like it.. clean.. :D

  2. No, that’s not English, as much as Plato and Gauss didn’t visit my blog. :)
    It’s Latin dummy text used for typesetting since, ah… 500 years ago?

    more about “Lorem ipsum…” here

    Glad you like it :D

  3. Plato and Gauss comment section, the number is at the wrong place la (it appears, in my browser ‘Safari,’ the number appears on top of the first letter of the comment).

    And the line is so thin and so light that I hardly see it partly due to my old notebook LCD screen, i guess.

    More than that, it’s monochromy yummy to me… wait for the coloured version na.

  4. [Gim] Thanks! Can you please grab a screenshot? I’m not sure how or why it was that way.

    Hmm — I haven’t got the change to check with IE yet. Urghh … bounds to be loads of visual unpleasantness, that one.

    Did you mean the lines in the post-body background? I tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible. With me trying, and failing, to set the typo on the grid, more visible lines would be like putting neon lights on the non-aligned elements :D


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