Please help: Murzkine Mock-Up

Anything I ought to change?
Text too difficult to read?
Footnote too confusing?

Don’t want to spend another day trying to codify it, and then realising the new looks were bad from the start.
*is nervous. bites nails.*

Scribble sheet
Whole page

– All Tahoma text will hopefully be clearer in real pages.
– Weird problem with Thai passage is from Illustrator acting up. If you think the Thai font is large enough to read, it should be all right. *crosses fingers*.


4 Comments to “Please help: Murzkine Mock-Up”

  1. > Nice choice of colours.. I like this tone.. :D
    > I personally like Verdana 8pt.. hehee.. but Tahoma from your page looks fine. What’s the size of the font though? Notice from Thai letters that it should not be Tahoma 10.. Perhaps 12pt? To me, Tahoma Thai will look strange when the size is more than 10pt. The English ones look clear and neat.
    > Can’t view the Screenshort file clearly..

    PS.. Argghh.. lovely page.. :)

  2. kawaii Gou~!

    cute theme na. i like it.

  3. > Could Trebuchet MS happen to be another alternative? Verdana seems more legible than Tahoma for me but Trebuchet blends both.
    > Bold text in peach should be a bit darker due to less contrast with white background, both in comment area and quotation box area (but peach on chocolate brown background at the end of page is really yummy).
    > Its overall look is yummy by all means.


  4. [Mook] Thanks for the comment! I’m not sure which font to use either. The new one is Verdana. 11px, though. (Working in pt and em gives me headache)

    [P Pim] Thanks, Sis :) Actually, Gou was terribly confused there. Who thought mixing Dajeeling and Ceylong was a good idea anyways.

    [Viroj] I was certain you would come around eventually. lol I’m not sure how widespread Trebuchet MS is, though. You’re both a Mac and a PC user, which fonts are the _safest_? Ah, ‘yummy’ was I was aiming for, so thanks! Hmm the peach colour looks all right on my screen, which is set to dimmer than most — so I’ll take your advice and increasing the contrast a bit more.

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