Optimising Cocktail Party

Spent the whole trip home
(half an hour longer than usual, thanks for being late, Train)
fantasising of cold drinks to cool down the heat.
(gods, the cyclers’ bogie was like a sauna, with people sitting packed together, should-to-shoulder, sweating a bucket a minute)

Then an idea kicked in, why not stocking the pantry and the fridges with juices, alcohol, soda, ice cube—so that anyone can have a cold glass of punch any time, anywhere.

Too bad my pocket is still of the normal size a penniless college student has.
(that is, bulging with receipts, coupons and copper coins)
So I have to actually plan before going on an alcohol-shopping-spree.

Now, I came to this conclusion about the time the train finally, finally arrived.
The rest of the trip was spent day-dreaming of writing a programme to help finding the optimum combination of cocktails. In MATLAB no less.

i. cost per supply per unit (€/litre, €/piece, €/1 happy drunkard, etc.)
ii. cocktail recipes in a ratio of supplies
iii. cocktails on the happy-drunkard-o-metre -> favourite = high HDP (happy-drunkard point)
(this has nothing to do with High Definition Porn)

Input Parametres:
i. Budget (of course)
ii. Number of cocktail recipes possible from the supply combination (to limit the runtime)
(setting to this to (-1) would result in either “bar” or “friend’s house”)

i. By popularity -> cost per HDP
ii. By greediness -> cost per litre
iii. By drunkiness -> cost per alcohol-volume

From what I remember from the last cocktail party partying-for-the-sake-of-cocktails, however, recipes didn’t matter much when enough alcohol had been consumed. We had thought B-52 was a neat recipe that blended our favourite drinks. I think by early morning we had cooked up everything up to B-87 or so. I am mildly allergic to pineapples, but when someone replaced the orange juice with it later into the night, I thought it was a fucking brilliant idea.
(Note to non-alcoholic drinkers: if you don’t approve our poisoning the bloodstreams, please don’t steal our juices. The chosen recipes are usually already hard-core as it is. We totally blame you for the nastiest hangover from mixing the rest of the liquers together, in lack of soft-drinks)

So … anyone wants to vote on happy-drunkard-o-metre?
(I think it’s time to defragment my train of thought)

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