[Meme] Caffeine Level

Copied from E s c R i B i T i o N i S t.
Just the test I want :)

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Honey, the blood level in my caffeine-stream is a bit low to-day.

Took the test under 3 minutes after downing that awful cup of coffee. We were out of MuanJai, so the only beans left were month-old Mexican-Java (the long-distance marriage doesn’t work quite that well) from Jansen and Mövenpick left-over from Andrea’s birthday (“Der Himmlische—Aromatisch & Augewogen” … my left foot)

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2 Comments to “[Meme] Caffeine Level”

  1. Request, request. :D

    If you do not intend to have your posts shown on a feed reader as text instead of HTML, could you please change a little setting on wordpress.com? :p

    – Go to ‘Settings’ at the right (on the same line as Write, Manage, Design.. )
    – Then go to ‘อ่าน/ Reading’
    – Change the 4th part (For each article in a feed, show) to ‘full/ แบบเต็ม’ instead of ‘ตอนสรุป’

    So that I can read your post in full with HTML look from my feed reader.. heheee..

    Just if you do not intend to have it as text like that.. (there is no paragraph, links, picture on your post when I view it from my reader)

    PS. You are in the same caffeine level as me.. ;p

  2. [Mook] Thanks for the suggestion. The point was, though, to make you guys click in an aggregator to read in the blog post. :D

    Anyways, consider it done.
    PS: So I noticed ;)

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