Howl’s Moving Castle the Second

Finally found this elusive version of the Castle paper model! This one is more menacing than the first model, a bit more steampunk tang to it.

Since it’s actually a book sold in Japan, getting my hand on this PDF is probably breaking some law somewhere. Duh, like I care. Though if anyone is visiting Japan soon *coughP’Pimcough* please, oh please pick it up for me. Along with a life-size plushy of Totoro would be great.

Howl\'s Moving Castle Paper Model (2)

Around 120MB, 70 pages. Via

Go watch Tonari no Totoro Piano Duo video! I imagine it’s Satsuki and Mei playing together. With Totoro & Co. and their harmonica on nearby treetop. Now, that’s a scene I’d love to see.


2 Comments to “Howl’s Moving Castle the Second”

  1. Awesome!!!Like how big is this monster???

  2. [James] I have no idea. Probably a foot high or so, from photographs of finished works on the net.

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