[Meme] Do You Like Pop Muuusic?

Never expected this… this… result. Urgh—
Not that I thought it’d be classical either, but this is like spending 2 minutes doing the quiz and then throwing a dice.

You Are Electronic Music

You are energetic and expressive. You love feeling alive.
You never get sick of your favorite things – they’re what makes life special.
You don’t take tradition or conventions too seriously. You live for the future.
You enjoy remixes and re-interpretations of things. Life is about making improvements.

If there’s one type of music I cannot stand on my best days, it’d be electronic music.
The least A/D-D/A conversion, the better.
Asides from the music, though, the rest seems to hit the bullseye.

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5 Responses to “[Meme] Do You Like Pop Muuusic?”

  1. Whom are you talk about? you? nahhhh…

  2. [Book] เอ ไม่เหมือนเหรอ คิดว่าส้มน่าจะได้อะไรล่ะ? เล่นอย่างนี้ดีกว่า ส้มทำให้แทนบุ๊ค บุ๊คทำให้แทนส้ม แล้วมาเทียบกันว่าตรงกับที่ตัวเองทำมั๊ย :)

  3. You Are Reggae Music

    You’re laid back, friendly, and even a bit of a bum at times.
    For you, life is too short to spend your time angry at the world.
    But while you don’t take life too seriously, you’re deeper than people realize.
    You’re very reflective, and a few key topics (like social justice and love) are very important to you.

    What Kind of Music Are You?

    ha! take that!

  4. [Book] lol … This is fun! Let’s do next tests like this :)


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