Random Musing

– Heard the news of Heath Ledger a while ago. Was like, o-kay, another Hollywood-er found dead with drugs prescription medicine. Belatedly, just knew that he acted as William Thatcher in The Knight’s Tale, one of my favourite movies. Is it too late to be sad now?

§ So I watched the film again today. Hmm … wonder if any literature critics also noted in Chaucer’s biography that he had a nice , um… physique.

§ IMDb is one of the sites that steal my time.

§ In fact, most non-academic sites does.

§ Ledger’s photos remind me of Tem-po, and Pitt’s of Dannie. If you guys are reading this, please don’t be offended or flattered. It’s just the weird wiring in my head.

§ Current TV-series interest: New Amsterdam. Is it like Forever Knight? The idea sounds hopelessly corny/romantic, though. Won’t be able to live until he finds “The One”? This in a homicidal-detective TV series?

§ Someone in a discussion board called the series Highlander 2.0. LOL

§ Don’t mind “The One”-thing now. For the swimming pool scene alone, I just have to watch it.

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