AHHHHHHH! (When Word 2007 Ate My Report)

The whole two most-productive days of report-writing/bullshit-typing. For. No-. Thing!
Where the heck is my saved file. Huh? HUH?!

My left pinkie and index were camping permanently on [Ctrl] and [S] for 10 hours a day for those last two days.
Even now they’re twitching. Twitching! To save something every five-fucking-minutes!

—- during the day —-
Me: §Work for 5 minutes§
Me: §Save§
MS Word 2007: §Saving the document …. Done!§

repeat {* … *} for hundreds of times

—- end of day —
Me: §Close the document and re-open§
MS Word 2007: §Proudly shows the report last saved seconds ago§
Me: §Save a duplicate as a new document just to be sure§
MS Word 2007: §Obediently complies§

— at home —-
Me: §Open the original report file§
MS Word 2007: §Shows a report last saved a week ago, minus twenty or so pages§
Me: §Stare blankly§ Huh?
Me: §Try to open the duplicate file§
Vista: §No such file found§
Me: §Desperately search for any file in the USB modified since last week§
Vista: §Shows a bunch of non-Word files§
Me: §Frantically try to open Most Recent Files from Word 2007§
MS Word 2007: §Encounters a serious problem§
Vista: “MS Word 2007 has stopped working” §cues white-out screen and evil laughters§
MS Word 2007: §Exits stage left. Or carried out in pieces on a stretcher, I don’t really fucking care§

—- now —
MS Word 2007: §ish ded§
Me: §ish also ded§

The punch line is:- Report deadline is on Monday.
Yes, that’s 48 hours from now.


4 Comments to “AHHHHHHH! (When Word 2007 Ate My Report)”

  1. Uh oh O_o …. Fighting na N’Som.
    Btw, I recommend using LaTeX for writting a big report. It’s much more convenient than Word.

  2. [P Pan] Thanks, Sis :) I’ve asked my adviser about sending in a report in LaTeX. He was horrified by the very word. I have no idea why. So MS Word it shall be (T___T)

  3. file recovery? you did save that damn report right?
    ask vista to recover it though.if vista is so sucks (so do mswords), try handy recover or something like that.

    worth to try, right?

  4. [Book] Thanks for rec’ing the software :) Yes, I did save the report. Obsessively and compulsively.

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