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February 3, 2008

Moai and Kraken-esque Monster

moving WP to another host.
will still be posting here until the new one is up and working.
(it is now up and ‘running’, just not ‘working’ (T___T) )
prolly by the end of this month or so.

just want to show off (lol) the new squiggles I did as dummy-placeholders

rss-spouting moai[1] – for rss link
RSS Moai

Spam-cruncher[2] – for counting akismet spam
Spam Cruncher

another note: learning blueprint – css platform. wow. i might just propose the guy who developed it.


[1] i checked the real thing (it seemed smaller than i had thought, but then, it was placed in the middle of a spacious hall in british museum) by walking around it twice. no, moai statues are not powered by alkaline batteries.

[2] a close relative of the infamous kraken, but with better table-manner.

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