Paint Tool SAI: To Retain or Not to Retain

This is the weirdest message I’ve seen yet.
To retain

In love with Easy Paint Tool SAI at the moment. A paint programme with just enough customisable tools to make doodling (Som) and painting (others) fun without facing gazillion choices of brushes under Menu-submenu-option-sub-option. For 1.85 MB, it sure packs a punch. There is even a vector mode. (°w°) ~ <3

SAI is still under Beta-phase development, though. The original version is Japanese, with an English-menu fixed-version by a group of dedicated users. Hence, the funny message above. Strangely enough, it doesn’t seem to gain as much popularity as it should have. (Sure, it has a Wikipedia page of its own, but that doesn’t even qualify as a stub!)

SAI screenshot

Notable SAI-wielders:
Mikhail Ivanov
Youtube video by hati1204


6 Responses to “Paint Tool SAI: To Retain or Not to Retain”

  1. นิยมเป็นผู้ชมอ่ะคะ :)

  2. … it’s a sad state of affairs when the only pingback I have is from within my own blog. ^___^” … how to turn this off, anyways?

  3. Oh, I LOVE this program! Recently discovered it after someone recommended it on deviantart, and it’s so fast and simple.^^

  4. recently i discovered SAI .
    It is a GREAT program and i know what we are talking about. I used Ps for 10 years and this software is Better in terms of Drawing options and fluid lines.
    Every body knows about PS limits. But as a new Software have a lot of disadvantages. It is very intuitive if you are a normal user .If you are newbie then is better you try something like Open canvas a really easy program. Painter has a lot of features. That can be a madness if you are not familiar with a hundred of terms and parameters just like opacity, angle, spacing,squezze an a lot more.

    In general terms .SAI is new. a good choice for sketching.GREAT for inking.
    It is no developed yet on management colour adjustments like ps does but.. who knows.

    If you wana see my site

  5. I cant download it? please help.. when i have been done downloading it , it cant open? – sorry im from denmark , and not so good at english, dut i hope you understand what i say.(:


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