If My Sketch Could Talk

I started doodling absentmindedly, picturing something.
… though what that something was eluded me.

After inking, the two blobs became …um… a dog(?) and an owl(?).

So if they could talk back, this is how it probably went:
Dog and Owl

I’m quite proud of the wall myself. That’s the only thing that stays put.

Apparently, my grasp of how members of the animal kindom should look like is far from accurate.

*Gou & Mikan nod vigourously in agreement.*
(anything with whiskers are cats, even Uncle Pringles)


4 Comments to “If My Sketch Could Talk”

  1. cute.

  2. น้องส้มวาดน่ารักอะ

  3. [book] Thanks! (though I take it you meant the sketch, and not the sketcher ^^)
    [P Pim] Thanks, Sis :) The never come out like I intended T___T however

  4. น่ารักอ่ะ แอบขำด้วย555

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