First Friday (Sneak-a-Post)

Best read:

Why Yes I am American by tangledweb

Interesting read:
Boardgames’ prices, American economy, and mourning of proper flame-wars

Why are the price of games going through the roof? on BGG

The least-subtle backhanded compliment:

As usual, your posts are persuasive (as long as one doesn’t think too hard), entertaining (in a low, folksy way), and abundant — and totally ex rectum.
Roy Livien on Boardgamegeek

Time Down the Drain
Each day I spend hours keeping up with the feeds I’ve subscribed. Nearly half of them I merely scroll through and browse the titles. Even that takes the minute-hand to rotate at least 150° (go figure).

In response to ‘WTH are you reading so much?’, I’ve compiled some rec’ed posts and put the (yet more) feed on the left sidebar. Should be updated everyday (three times a day before meals/during/after if I can help it — heck, I don’t even have three meals a day) Or go directly to my Shared Items, which desparately needs pimping, IMO.

Office Woes
The third and last day of drooling mindlessly alone in the office. Hopefully next week will bring back the TEH 4/5 teams from a two-week long holiday. Probably tanned from too much sunshine on the Alps, too. Lucky them.

Normal Day
Suffered a break-down on Wednesday, sprang back to being elated on Thursday.
Not good for mental & physical health, in either case.
I just wish for a normal Friday.

Now I know why the Chinese’s ‘May you have an interesting time’ can be a curse.

Thanks for inspiring today’s format, Kyu.


2 Comments to “First Friday (Sneak-a-Post)”

  1. It is an interesting read for me today la.

    How can you have such free time to read that much, I wonder?

  2. 【Vivi】What is an interesting read for you today? I’m related to Superman, don’t you know? ;)

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