Drinking a glass of ‘grog‘.
Whoever came up with the name?

Andrea fixed it for my cold.
She commented that I seemed to collect whatever symptoms there might be in the house.
And then some.
Luckily, this time it’s just your garden-variety illness, thankyouverymuch.

‘Grog’ Recipe
1/3 glass of rum
1 pack of vanilla sugar (which I reduced to a teaspoon)
hot water to fill the rest of the glass

Basically, it’s just an excuse to consume alcohol when ill.
Has a side benefit equivalent to a sleeping pill.
I’m following her advice of drinking it in bed.
Zzz Zzz …

*musing: if it’s pronouced ‘zed’, then the last stanza rhymes*


5 Comments to “Grog”

  1. get well soon….

    grog sounds like something that would come up in Harry Potter’s world… lol

  2. get well soon…before you get another illness. ALCOHOLIC.

    it must taste good. wanna have some :b

  3. 【พี่พิม】 Thanks, Sis. Ah … you meant ‘Grogwart’? :)
    【บุ๊ค】 Thanks! Hmm … I think I might stop at ‘caffeinism’ .
    for now :P

  4. นึกออกแล้ว มันเหมือนชื่อตัวแมงมุมยักษ์…

  5. Aragog and the family? We made some gingerbread today, too. With ahorn syrup! Yum!

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