Woke up from dreams at 4:04.1
Couldn’t remember what they were.
Left me with this alien feeling in my chest:
Comfortingly warm sense of home
and bone-chilling coldness of being very far away from one.
Seemed like gut-wrenching homesickness finally visited me.

I tried to curl up even more tightly, in hope of alleviating the deadweight set in my stomach, clutching the blankets, the pillows, anything tangible and warm that I could grasp.

Didn’t want to open my eyes to see the dark outline of a place I was getting used to, but would never be familiar with.

Couldn’t move because of the pain, the numbness.

Wouldn’t open my mouth in fear of letting out a scream, a sob, or both, despite the sickening nausea that threatened to make me retch.

Now I know why it’s called homesick.

1 Because I’m a nerd. 404 – not found


6 Comments to “Homesick”

  1. may be because it’s winter…

    body’s warmth is the best cure — no kidding.
    hug someone!!

  2. 【พี่พิม】 Thought so. the Hottie Bear doesn’t help either (T___T)

  3. โอ๋ๆๆๆ

    ไปกอดทักทายเพื่อนร่วมงานก็ได้ไป พอหยวนๆ

  4. แถวนี้มีไออุ่นพี่
    มาซบอกแฟบๆแถวนี้ได้นะ (ถ้าบินมาอ่ะนะ) ฮี่ๆๆ

  5. โอ๋ๆ เสียกๆ (คนจีนเขาปลอบกันงี้แหละ)

  6. Blogging keeps me insane. Keep up all the positive work. I too love to blog. I found this one to be very informative

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