These Pesky Taggie Things

[Cross-post from DeviantArt Jornal]

Being a good, old ex-student, I ran off with the assignment and gave it some thoughts.

The rules:
1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random (hopefully interesting) facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them that they’re tagged.


i. I did try living 48-hour-a-day for a few weeks, S’03. Basically, just ate, slept, work, played when I felt like it. Sneaking into the lab at 9PM and monopolising it like a king ’till morning was fun. As was confusing my dear roommate by sleeping twenty hours straight then disappearing for another twenty.

ii. My fav non-OH beverages are ranked based on their caffeine content. (the higher, the better)

iii. I want to wring the neck of the idiot who decided US English would be the default language for spell-checkers on nearly all the programmes. Nevertheless, my spelling is more mixed up than Canadians with identity crises.

iv. My fav alcoholic bev., however, are ranked based inversely on their OH content. (except, ah, cocktails, where tastes come first, of course)

v. I can count to five, without using any appendages to help keeping track.

vi. As morbid curiosity goes, I often fantasize about dying a horribly bloody death. How many shallow wounds would be fetal? How does blood loss feel compared to hypothermia? Will they get my CoD right?
*gets carried away*
*suppose I read too many crime fics*

vii. I’m a wee bit afraid of open spaces… Perhaps because of the niggling feeling of something/someone behind my back that I can’t escape. Oh, heck, I’ll just list it as ‘ paranoid’.

viii. At the moment, I own 19 boardgames/card games, including the extensions. Only half of which I have coerced others to play, five I’ve never tried a solo game, and two I’ve never even bothered to read the rules.
*desperately in need of players*


Suppose I have to tag some other vict … ahem, friends.
*Looks at the embarrassingly short contact list on DA*
*Oh, well, cross-post on here then*

I wonder who will ever read this.


Now…. the fun part

I hereby tag:

P Jaew
P Pimjai
P Yinggaew


4 Comments to “These Pesky Taggie Things”

  1. You are so cruel to tag me like that. 8 interesting fact!? I’m not sure what I have in mind. Moreover, I don’t think I could find another 8 bloggers to spread out this infectious tag. I fail to take action of all the rules you’ve got. If you just please cut the 2 last rules out, I’ll do this for only you. deal? *palms on your neck. ready for reaction*

  2. I have no hidden fact leaw……

    but i’ll try..
    oh, and I’m not sure there’ll be 8 persons for me to tag on.. hahahaa

  3. They don’t have to be hidden, secrets, or anything. Just stuff that (you think) we don’t already know. ;)

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