The Flickr Affair

I’m so fed up with Flickr‘s *free account* limits. Grrr. I was one of the early adopters — though not much of a community-builder myself, I never passed up the chance to rec’ their awesome service and the *unlimited* storage to friends and family. Then came along the spider called Yahoo!.

I quited Yahoo! Photos and escaped to the then-new Flickr for a reason, you know.

Yes, I’m still mentioning Flickr as the best site for photo hosting and sharing to newbies, because, admit it, for a normal user who wants to share an album or two, they still are. For an armature photographer, blogging crafter, aspiring technology-blogger and self-proclaimed Internet junkie, this “most-recent 200-photo limit” is ridiculous. Basically, my older photos are being kept as hostages until I pay 25 bucks a year? No, no, my photos are still out there somewhere, suspended in the free-account realm. But I. Just. Can’t. See. Them. Nuh-uh, no access from any third-party services (which are what keep Flickr so darn attractive to me). I guess I can only hope that some other unlimited photo-comm-services published their APIs and get picked up by developers. *hint*Picasa Web Album*hint*

Why Yahoo!? Why, Flickr, why?

My growing list of Pro-Cons

————– Flickr —————
(+) Direct upload with FlickrUploadr & Picasa plugin
(-) incorrect char-set for Thai comments when uploaded from Picasa
(+) On-photo notes

(+) Nested comments
(+) Slickr interface & easier online management
(+) Geotag and show with Yahoo!Map

(+) Lots of third-party services
(+) Better community tools (groups, pools & forums)

(+) Direct upload from Picasa Desktop (PD)
(+) Thai comments okay
(-) Only photo’s caption, no title, no note
(-) Flat comments
(-) Box-y interface

(+) Geotag from PD with Google Earth (with .kml export), but..
(-) No online Google map (why!?)
(o) Can’t find any
(o) Not much activity where I tried (perhaps I haven’t hit the right albums)

Note: When I say “no <something>” or “can’t <do something>”, what I really mean is that “… not without (re)searching/installing some other softwares/modifying some scripts”


3 Comments to “The Flickr Affair”

  1. I like Flickr.
    They have no ad and allow me to use the photos in my blog and I love their UI.
    $25 a year is reasonable for software at this quality.
    Well, I’m a programmer, you know.
    I would not do software this good for nothing. lol

  2. btw, yahoo is now flickr, right?
    i guess u can’t escape yahoo after all. :P

  3. I think it’s the other way round.
    But, yeah, you’re right. I just can’t bring myself to pay for what used to be free. ^^”

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