Bear with Whiskers

Warning: Knitting yourself a sweater can cause backache and sprained wrists.


Because someone (most.. well, everyone) kept saying that I looked like a bear, or at least had a bear father, Som decided to give me a totally-uncalled-for facelift.

bear-with-whiskers bear-with-whiskers-2
Now I look like a bear with whiskers!


Today update: I’m making a friend, literally.

Picture taken at our reunion. One big happy family.
erm… perhaps I do have a bear adopted dad after all.

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5 Comments to “Bear with Whiskers”

  1. YOU ARE A BEAR!! lol


  2. ตัวไหนเป็นพ่อ ตัวไหนเป็นแม่ ตัวไหนเป็นลูก -q-

  3. Tigger!!

  4. p pim> what kind of gloves/mittens, sis?
    gorn> i have no idea.
    book> isn’t that a hyperactive orange tiger with a springy tail?

  5. อยากทำตุ๊กตาบ้างอ้ะ แต่ถักไหมพรมไม่เป็น ตัวกลมๆ สีเทาๆ น่ารักสุดๆ เลย

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