Study Session

Eh, don’t look so surprised. I do have that word in my dictionary, you know.
This is how I usually deal with exams.

last exam – a week before: Chill, man.

a week before – 72 hours before: getting agitated/fed up with own laziness, but still no texts is touched.

72 hours before – 48 hours before: realising own mistake (again). too disappointed with self to do anything yet.

48 hours before – 12 hours before: Som-a-reading. trying to cram everything inside the brain (what brain?)

12 hours before…: Please, no more. urgh~ Zzz…


9 Comments to “Study Session”

  1. 555 nice idea

  2. That was fast o___O. Thanks :)

  3. n’som, did u do that bear urself?? he’s so cuteeeee

  4. Thanks, Sis.
    He’s not a bear. He’s a cat! ^^”

  5. what? a cat? noooooooo
    i thought he’s a bear with long tail!

    he must have a bear father.

  6. วันนี้เป็นยังไงบ้างพี่?

  7. Ahh portrait yourself with HE? the cat? Noooo way, he/she would better be a brown jaguar at my second thought.

    Did you have LUCK?^O^

  8. 555 Very cute …

    Nice Idea

  9. p pim> what kind of bear has a long tail? ^^
    k-yu> dunno, ask the professor. ^^”
    book> see email na ja :)
    zedth> thanks :D

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