A Cuppa’s Tale

—– The PROJECTS page is up and running again! —–

Yes, it’s in the middle of Summer and I am still yearning for a cup of hot Earl Grey.

George Orwell’s Tea Rules

1. Use tea from India or Ceylon (Sri Lanka), not China Whatever I have on the shelf.

2. Use a teapot, preferably ceramic

3. Warm the pot over direct heat Open fire, gas stove is outlawed here.

4. Tea should be strong – six spoons of leaves per 1 litre No, thanks. I’d like to sleep tonight

5. Let the leaves move around the pot – no bags or strainers But loose-leave is such a pain to clean!

6. Take the pot to the boiling kettle

7. Stir or shake the pot

8. Drink out of a tall, mug-shaped tea cup

9. Don’t add creamy milk What’s the point of drinking tea with skimmed milk?

10. Add milk to the tea, not vice versa

11. No sugar! See number 9.

Read how the scientists strike back at ‘How to make a perfect cuppa‘ and what Douglas Adams has got to say about tea.


Vector!Logos on Wikipedia

Yippy! No more ‘what the heck is that font! Gah! I’ll just have to trace it again. Searching for logos in a vector format with

site:wikipedia.org logo svg 

List of vector graphics (cc!) that might come in handy:

Giza pyramid complex | Weapon of Mass Destruction | Starbucks | Spiel des Jahres

Pity there isn’t any vectorised signatures of important people. 

UPDATE: Looks like I hit the jackpot: Best Brands of the World seems to have an even larger repository of logos in .eps format


Absurd Category … Begone!

I don’t know what I was thinking when creating a category (label, tag, take your pick) called ‘blogged‘. Perhaps I thought it sounded better than the default ‘Uncategorized’.

Embarrassingly, it was also the most populated category. Moreover, I usually spent a minute before posting at least a third of the posts deciding whether to tag them as ‘blogged’ or ‘blogging’. The reason that … ahem (*glancing at Strunk&White nearby*) In my defense, I didn’t banish the latter because there are blogging-related posts, e.g. moving from Blogger to WordPress (thrice, and twice vice-versa), my on-again-off-again affair with Textpattern, and my blog design pet-projects.

On the second thought, I’ll just delete both of them.

Now, what to do with the category ‘life’?

Two Days to Go

9″, Willow, Dragon
You scored 31 wisdom, 44 bravery, 31 emotional, and 5 martyrdom!

A willow wand signifies that you care deeply about emotions, art, and intuition, and that you have a particular knack for charms. Your dragon’s heartstring core makes your wand very effective in hexes.

The Harry Potter Wand Test — Couldn’t help but sniggered at the test’s name. *leering* How exactly do you test wands.


2 Comments to “A Cuppa’s Tale”

  1. I’d rather go for a lipton bag and put it into my mug and sip it without removing the bag. lol

    I prefer tea without milk :)

    btw, I saw ppl selling paper models like yours along the sidewalk here.

  2. Got a 9″, Willow, Dragon wand plus 0% on wisdom, 59% on bravery, 94% on emotional, and 55% on martyrdom. Surely the score shows logically my illogical logic in life. 555

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