Anime on the Radar


Baccano! (trailer and promo on Animesuki)

  • Alchemy – checked
  • Steam locomotive – checked
  • Mafia – checked
  • Muted colour palette – checked
  • Helpless-looking lad running for his life – checked

Can’t wait for the first episode.

Zombie-Loan, subbed by Shinsen Subs (first two episodes on AS)

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, subbed by A.F.K. (first episode on AS). Love the nod to Kafka.

I promised myself not to buy any more craft tools, gadgets, and/or raw materials – just-in-case – until I manage to finish the WIP projects first. The WIP basket has been filling quickly and is now brimming with Gou’s Weasley jumper, Onigiri, granny squares, Little Theodore (who has been missing his eyes and ears since March), and various other unidentified scraps. So cabling without a cable needle is just the perfect skill to pick up right now.

Hmm… should I start that lovely Celtic sweater?


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