Got Wood for (Dancing) Sheep?

Teuber’s masterpiece now exclusively available as Catan Live for Xbox Live Arcade.

I’ll just stick with cardboard hexes and wooden dice ;)


Wubi the Grumpy!Baby WallabyJumped at the chance to try out Aldie’s new project: BGG app in Facebook.
It synch’s all right with my BGG profile. *whispers – it looks even better than the pages on BGG, sorry Admins*. Then spent hours wading through pages of Facebook applications. Some of them look better than those offered at iGoogle and Widgetbox.

Say hello to Wubi the Grumpy!Baby Wallaby, my Couch, Sandbox, Shoebox, Bookshelf, Orange!Mood, Flickr badge (really, who needs another one?), Stress-O-Metre.

Great, I’ll probably use this Profile page as my stat page.

Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?

Whoa, let me delete that blogged nefarious plan of taking over the World right now.

Evil Overlord List

153. My Legions of Terror will be an equal-opportunity employer. Conversely, when it is prophesied that no man can defeat me, I will keep in mind the increasing number of non-traditional gender roles.



One Comment to “Got Wood for (Dancing) Sheep?”

  1. เฮ้ย! อยากเล่น catan live!!!!

    แต่ไม่มี xbox อะ แงงงง

    ไอ้ does what happens in facebook นี่มัน ยังกะหนัง sci fi

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