Scone Friday

It’s awful to be miserable on a rainy day.
The weather doesn’t help alleviating my mood one bit.
Lightning is striking left and right.
Literally. One flashes from my window, followed by another from Karl’s.

Work is not going anywhere.
Nor is study.
Nor is my laziness.

I need a cuppa and a scone.
There’s no buttermilch.
But I have too many eggs. Two eggs will have to do.

Borrow someone’s skimmed milk.
Empty a bottle of Sheridan’s.
Add some more flour.
Screw scones, I’m making something else entirely.
Tea’s getting cold.

It’s raining cats and dogs.
Must close all the windows. (home-alone)
Living in the attic sometimes has its perks.
Just not now.


2 Comments to “Scone Friday”

  1. เฮ้ย ขยันว่ะ ยังจะทำขนม


  2. ทำไมอ่านแล้วมันฟังดู เพราะๆอ่า

    อืม อารมณ์ศิลป์เจรงๆ เวลางานไม่เดินเนี่ย…..

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