Bloggin from Ubuntu


Not that I have that much free time to start venturing into the unknowns like new OS.

Curiosity kills the cat.
So does pretty interface.

Here’s my pathetic note of installing Ubutu from Wubi.
(No redeeming technical tricks&tips whatever. Remember it’s from a computer-illiterate’s point-of-view)

-2. Download Wallaby Wubi. Curiously small, hmm… did that mean I could just squeeze it into my puny USB?

-1. Then it went and dashed my hope. A small window of Wubi was now sneaking a CD-worth of installation files onto my computer! At the rate of 2xx kb/s, that made a little over half an hour. Should I defragment the disk, cleaning up the room for a new guest, so to speak? Nah.

-0.5. Waiting for the download. Re-organizing MTG collection seemed like a good idea.

0. Wubi was demanding my attention, asking for a prefered
language, a screenname and a password. That was it? Some forum
registration asked even my mother’s name! ‘OK’ then I prepared to enjoy
the ride.

1. First boot, selected Ubuntu. That ‘Windows XP’
option on the top line was very tempting, but I managed to resist the
urge to stick to the familiar. Then the whole screen went mad! All
those monochromic, all-text acrobatic dances across my screen! My heart
skipped a beat. Was some virtual geek taking over my laptop? Oh no!

Apparently, Wubi was doing its job of installing Ubuntu, painlessly for my sake.

2. Second boot, some more too-fast-to-read scrolling of command lines. I caught some words of ‘searching’ and ‘OK’. Well that was good.

Some more ‘finding’, ‘checking’ and ‘mounting’. I started to wonder if that
virtual geek had found my top-secret hidden folders of albu.. ahem,
document files. And why the heck was he ‘mounting’ them!?

It got stuck at something called Loop 7. After correcting the system files, it rebooted again.

3. Third boot, hello Ubuntu. Much faster booting than
XP, that’s one of the things I hoped for. But since my
very-much-rundown-and-underappreciated XP has trillions of startup
programs, this is to be expected. The interface is a nice change of
view, far better than my previous Linux attempted-adoption (I couldn’t
even remember the name. Picked up a box of it from a discounted pile in
Save-On a few years back. It came completed with a tome of instruction. Urgh, taught me that Baby Green Lizard with a cute name printed on the box wasn’t always a toy)

Well, I’m off to explore some more, especially the Games section ;D

A swiss-knife of links:
– What the hell I’m dealing with?: Ubuntu
– In case of home-sickness: Wine
– In case of inspiration: You Can Switch to Linux!
– In case of Encouragement: Things I can do in Linux that I can’t do on Windows.


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  1. n’som goes ubuntu!!

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