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March 20, 2007


สำนวน: สอนสังฆราชว่ายน้ำ
ความหมาย: สอนผิดเรื่อง / สอนผิดคน

จำได้ว่าเคยใช้ผิดไปแล้วหนนึง ยังดันเอากลับมาใช้อีก (เพราะคงไม่บ้ามากจนใช้ ‘สอนจระเข้อ่านหนังสือ’)

March 17, 2007

French Victories

This bit rightfully deserves an entry of its own.
Try searching “French Military Victories” in Google and hitting “I’m Feeling Lucky
LMAO. Ingenious.

March 17, 2007

What’s Keeping Me Busy


P’ Opp and I call this Martha-Stewart Syndrome, or MSS in short.
Supposedly, it’s how I vent out stress and frustration during months-long exam period — by turning into a domesticated housewife.

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March 1, 2007

Orange-Coffee Biscotti

The poor orange’s zest was totally scrapped.
While scraping, I was torn between cackling evilly and wincing. Then some red liquid was seeping from now-white skin.

(What kind of orange is it? I just randomly picked up a mesh beutel of vitamin C)

The comp is shamelessly borrowed from CookingforEngineers — They have the best instructions for culinarily-challenged!moi

I was too lazy to go carting (hoarding) more chocolate from Lindt. Luckily, I found the last stash of Christmas chocolate hidden near piles of old newspaper.

Yes, I did check the expiration date :D

The dough even before baking was already brown-ish from instant coffee, making it harder to see if the logs are baked enough. Change of recipe from JoyofBaking to CookingforEngineers: 15 min -> 40 min.