Flying Machine & Miniature Automata

Oh, how I love “Create Your Own…” engines.
What a great way to waste my time (not that it is otherwise productive)


DIY: Flying Machine
Created my own pixel!insect out of spare parts from boxes. Test-run with rotating rotors (duh) and whirring sound effects. Wee– — –. (Couldn’t find parts to assembly a Spaghetti Monster/God, though)

Not by the Wright Brothers, but Lycette Bros.


DIY: Miniature Automata
Presented with even more confusing array of mechanical parts (whose functions and movements could be observed from the critters crawling/swimming/whizzing around behind a red book of series The Modern Compendium of Miniature Automata. Linked directly to the prototype: Autophal octovae — part of my Take-Over-the-World agenda.


Favourite Term of the Day: CAPLOCK!HARRY (from a LiveJournal comment)


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