Grow My Planet

Another Eyemaze‘s creation: GROW v.1

Who knows why Version 1 was released after V. 2 and V. 3. It’s now possible to “undo” my selection and click to bypass the animation.

Not that I needed it, since I hit the correct combination in the first time! (A very rare case, please allow me to gloat a bit).

Still spent some time after PrtSc-ing trying other combinations. The GROW-over scene to the right is even more elaborate than the Congrats scene on the left. Whoa…. neat!


3 Comments to “Grow My Planet”

  1. โห เก่งว่ะ ทำครั้งเดียวได้เลยเหรอ

  2. 555 ทำครั้งเดียวได้เหมือนกัน

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