The Cheerleaders and the Drunk

– 01 –

I need some (okay, a LOT) persuasion and encouragement in order to pick up a textbook and start reviewing — or start reading it for the first time in the semester.

Sixteen days, and then the first examination. I hope these little guys’ unrelenting stares and inaudible tiny cheers will help.

– 02 –

From the Official Site of Citadels‘s designer – Bruno Faidutti -, here is an interesting variant:

# 3 – Drinking Game
– When a new player gets the crown, everybody drinks to the new king.
– When a tavern is built, everybody drinks to its builder
– When a player is stolen, or has a district destroyed by the Condottiere, he drinks to forget it.

If I were the publisher, I would have made it an official rule.
The only thing I can do now is to persuate some friends to play the variant with me.


One Comment to “The Cheerleaders and the Drunk”

  1. Interesting rule, and interesting game too.

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