Free Hugs All Around

If asked two years ago, I wouldn’t be able to wrap my mind around the Germans giving and receiving Free Hugs.
They were up there on my version of the frigid-o-metre with the Brits.

The first time I saw the campaign in action was in Cologne, on the square in front of the cathedral. The mimes and pavement painters received more attention than the small lonely-looking group of Free Huggers did. Even I sidestepped them.

I never paid the campaign a second thought, until Dan sent me a link to an old video of Juan Mann’s on Youtube two days ago.


And I watched, and watched, and watched again.
To see the black&white bursted into colours after the first hug.
To see the number of petition signatures grew.
To see the policemen finally gave in and returned the hug.

Then again on Dan’s blog. Free Hugs in Hamburg.

Next time I see a sign ‘Free Hugs‘.
I will cease my suspicion, will curb my reservation.
And hug as tightly as I dare.

I think I just need a hug as much as everybody else does.


4 Comments to “Free Hugs All Around”

  1. What you have written down there is just simple perfect. It can give me really a good and warm feeling, when I read it. Thanks SOM

  2. Oh, Dan … I forgot to thank you.
    Thank you very much for the posts and the videos :)

  3. พี่ส้มกลับมาไอทีแทคสิ มี Free Hugs เพียบเลย

    อุ่นๆอย่างพี่ เฮียก็ชอบกอด :)

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