The Price of Magic: Losing Sleep

*blinks sleepily* What the heck am I doing at 3:35 in the morning?
Oh yeah, reading a fiction.

Haven’t got the time to check if it’s still a WIP, though the author has kindly numbered the chapters with x/20. So at least this trip is carefully plotted and planned. I’ve been reading far too many one-shots (most of them PWP by default) lately anyways.

Highly recommended, The Price of Magic by ac1d6urn. I stopped just when when slashy part starts — and amazed to find it unbelieveably believeable. Will definitely continue reading, slashy actions be damned.

A warning, some of the author’s art posts are not workplace-safe, and viewing them might result in wanting to gorge your eyes out (but that doesn’t apply to you, Gorn :P ).


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