‘Save to World’ Banners

Feeling like a hero? Adopt these 80×33 banners to-day :D

The code (linking to the images from my site, if you want to use the original banners instead, please visite the corresponding sites :] )

I found the badges from a LiveJournal (though my purpose of prowling LJ at that time was far from ‘noble’). The default banners it links to don’t quite fit on the sidebar, so I decided to make pixelated ones.

Edit: So I got the dimensions wrong (T___T). Here’s the new set, with 88×30 canvas

What’s with the onblur() function in the image link anyways? The img source is long enough as it is. And who came up with the function name deselectBloggerImageGracefully() ?


2 Comments to “‘Save to World’ Banners”

  1. Looks very cute! I wanna have some on my blog, but it does not feel like it can get along with my blog well.

  2. Looks very cute! I’d like to have some on my blog, but it feels they can not get along well with my blog’s theme na. Schade

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