Death Note ep.01

Since the series seems to be adopted by so many subbers — newer versions keep coming out, or getting ‘updated/improved’, I had to settle with TWv2; otherwise, by the time ep.03 is subbed, I would have nearly 20 files of DN lying around. Not to mention time spent on comparing and making screencaps. I have free time, but not that much.

Death Note ep.01

  1. Death Note (デスノート)
  2. OP: look for the fresco-like painting of God and Adam, er, Ryūku and Raito. Hilarious.
  3. He’s, let’s say, the protagonist (saying ‘hero’ would be stretching it a bit): Yagami Raito. To him, something’s rotten in the state of the world.
  4. Never pick up anything dropped on the school’s lawn, especially if you see it falling from the sky.
  5. Wow, the movement is so fluid.
  6. Love the sequence. It’s like Yagami is physically slashing and killing off each victims. Or signing their death sentences.
  7. ED: look for the mirror images of doves and crows.
  8. Shinigami Ryūku. While curiosity kills the cat, boredom damn near genocides the mice.

Lesson learned:
Bored Demented Shinigami + Bored Megalomaniac Boy Genius = never a good thing


4 Comments to “Death Note ep.01”

  1. โว้ววววๆๆ ภาพสวยมากๆเลย น่าดูเป็นที่สุด

    เอ้อ พี่ส้มดูโอรันไฮสคูลยังอะ นางเอกเหมือนพี่ส้มเลย น่าร้ากกกก~

  2. Raito’s face is very beautiful. I am so curious what will happen if he becomes evil.

  3. Since “superman return”, I haven’t seen any movie at the cinema. T_T

  4. Hello…… didnt check your space out for a while cuz i was busy with everything as usual.. ( and i had a flu too so i was most of the time in the bed haha )
    Still talking about the comic as usual loei na nia… this is so you hae hahaha…
    wanna comment something about this Deadnote stuff but i had never read it a’.. ( a past few months before coming here i tried not to read something new cuz i was so afraid that i was gonna addicted to it a’ )

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