Dilemma of a Fansubs’ Watcher

‘Pumpkin Scissors’ (Gonzo) ep.1 is still sitting patiently in HD. Or maybe not.
The said external HD has been rumbling intermittently.
I suppose it means to convey some complaints (Defrag me! Scan me! Let me rest!), but to no avail.

Now, choosing the right ‘Death Note’ fansub to watch is a dilemma.
# Toriyama World’s (174.7 Mb) showed up first, on AnimeSuki. The second version was recently released .
# Live-eviL’s (173.8 Mb) followed, I got it in hope to find a quality sub like those of ‘Last Exile’.
# Desuno Fansubs’ (105.2Mb)

IMHO, while TW’s video is obviously smoother (with all those dark scenes, the glitches are quite obvious in LE’s), its yellow-font subtitle is like a bright beacon at the bottom of the screen, destroying the suspense/dark settings somewhat.

I’m still flipping a coin — whether or not to try Desuno’s.

Alternative of Death Note’s ending: DN Fake Ending
I found this link on a webboard somewhere. Since I haven’t finished reading the manga, there’s no way to decide if this fan-ending is better or worse. Or more satisfying.

Screenshots will follow. Now I’ve gotta run to catch 420 to Maastricht.


4 Comments to “Dilemma of a Fansubs’ Watcher”

  1. พูดถึงเดทโน้ต


    ไม่รู้จะเสียตังค์ดีป่าว กลัวเสียตังค์แล้วเสียน้ำตาด้วยน่ะดิพี่

  2. ตอนนี้รอเจ้าพลอยโหลดอยู่ ไม่รู้ซับไหน หุหุ


    จริงป่าวไม่รู้ ต้องพิสูจน์

  3. 1. could be true only if part two did not release.
    2. the story is ridiculous. The amount of killed people is large but if he continue to die like the first part of this ending, he could not even walk or talk.
    3. I can not accept this ending. it’s too simple for me, nothing interesting and no surprise. Actually , it’s a boring ending.
    4. but the drawing is ok.

  4. Please allows me to improve my English language.

    1. It could be true only if part two has never released.
    2. It is ridiculous. He did killed many victims but from the condition, he must never has a chance to walk or talk.
    3. It is unacceptable, too simple boring uninteresting ending.
    4. The drawing is fine.

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