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October 11, 2006

Death Note ep.01

Since the series seems to be adopted by so many subbers — newer versions keep coming out, or getting ‘updated/improved’, I had to settle with TWv2; otherwise, by the time ep.03 is subbed, I would have nearly 20 files of DN lying around. Not to mention time spent on comparing and making screencaps. I have free time, but not that much.

Death Note ep.01

  1. Death Note (デスノート)
  2. OP: look for the fresco-like painting of God and Adam, er, Ryūku and Raito. Hilarious.
  3. He’s, let’s say, the protagonist (saying ‘hero’ would be stretching it a bit): Yagami Raito. To him, something’s rotten in the state of the world.
  4. Never pick up anything dropped on the school’s lawn, especially if you see it falling from the sky.
  5. Wow, the movement is so fluid.
  6. Love the sequence. It’s like Yagami is physically slashing and killing off each victims. Or signing their death sentences.
  7. ED: look for the mirror images of doves and crows.
  8. Shinigami Ryūku. While curiosity kills the cat, boredom damn near genocides the mice.

Lesson learned:
Bored Demented Shinigami + Bored Megalomaniac Boy Genius = never a good thing

October 8, 2006

Dilemma of a Fansubs’ Watcher

‘Pumpkin Scissors’ (Gonzo) ep.1 is still sitting patiently in HD. Or maybe not.
The said external HD has been rumbling intermittently.
I suppose it means to convey some complaints (Defrag me! Scan me! Let me rest!), but to no avail.

Now, choosing the right ‘Death Note’ fansub to watch is a dilemma.
# Toriyama World’s (174.7 Mb) showed up first, on AnimeSuki. The second version was recently released .
# Live-eviL’s (173.8 Mb) followed, I got it in hope to find a quality sub like those of ‘Last Exile’.
# Desuno Fansubs’ (105.2Mb)

IMHO, while TW’s video is obviously smoother (with all those dark scenes, the glitches are quite obvious in LE’s), its yellow-font subtitle is like a bright beacon at the bottom of the screen, destroying the suspense/dark settings somewhat.

I’m still flipping a coin — whether or not to try Desuno’s.

Alternative of Death Note’s ending: DN Fake Ending
I found this link on a webboard somewhere. Since I haven’t finished reading the manga, there’s no way to decide if this fan-ending is better or worse. Or more satisfying.

Screenshots will follow. Now I’ve gotta run to catch 420 to Maastricht.

October 5, 2006

D.Gray Man ep.01

Q: What’s a better way to waste my time?
A: Waste my time, then tell my friends how I did it.

D.Gray Man ep.01

  1. D.Gray-Man — I have yet to find out what “D.Gray” stands for
  2. Sure signs of a character dying: 1. He’s a minor charac with an unmemorable name and a low rank; 2. He has sinister black five-pointed stars stamped on his face
  3. Our little hero Allen Walker with his snitch – ahem, Timcanpi – side-kick, who … was eaten by an unfortunate cat?
  4. This scene somehow reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist
  5. Wow, that officer is a cutie.
  6. Love the art
  7. -ditto-
  8. Ending theme, with the exorcist-dreamteam, perhaps.

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