Of Coffee Caffeine and Bon-bons

So Karl wanted to make some coffee. Unfortunately we were out of paperfilters. Since he avoids the French Press and the espresso pot like a plague, he opted to survive today with a bag of caffeinated toffees (whose sole funtion is to provide caffeine — judging from the high caf. content and weird tastes) instead.

Yes, I’ve tried one of them this morning. No effect on me what-so-ever. Though I shouldn’t have hoped that one iffy bon-bon would make AEII more comprehensible to what teeny-tiny lump of fat I call ‘brain’.

Anyhow, like the lack of conical brown paper would deter me from getting my late afternoon coffee*cough*caffeine-intake. As I said, I had two more options[1] to go:

_Frenchpress_: Starbucks’ MuanJai — a fairtrade product of Thailand
_Espresso pot_: Lavazza 100% arabica — directly imported from Venice (freshly opened, yum)

And guess what, during my quest of gathering coffee, sniffing and dry-tasting, we found a hidden stash of paper filter under the TV shelf in my room, to Karl’s delight. He claimed that he’d known all along that I would have it somewhere.

fn1. These three grinded coffee cannot be interchangeably used, since a French Press requires ‘coarse’, a paper-filter ‘fine to medium’ and grinding for espresso is an art in itself (“__a mixture of powdered sugar and fine beach sand__”)

*References*: Coffee Education and Coffee 101


11 Comments to “Of Coffee Caffeine and Bon-bons”

  1. My previous comment was wiped out in some what of horrible internet connection error. UPSET! UPSET!

    Tracking my previous series of thought, YES! I found it.

    Imagine of Karl’s delight, If he is the same guys as I’ve seen in the photo that you sent to me two months ago, He might had colored the room with sun rise he brought with his smile.

    “He claimed that he’d known all along that I would have it somewhere”
    Gees! he had an omen, how cool!! Not many scientist have an omen like this.

    “during my quest of gathering coffee, sniffing and dry-tasting”
    Wonderful and fantastic, you seem to always have an exciting adventure everywhere.

    Text are copied to avoid the same wiped out(And it was wiped out for the second time, now I try the third one).

    Good luck for me!, now I press the ‘Submit Comment’ button for the third time. Click!!

  2. “He might had colored the room with sun rise he brought with his smile.” < I hope you're not falling for my roommate. He's already spoken for ;)

  3. i have the italian mocca pot myself too. would it be a sin if i say i wouldnt survive without it?
    anyway, there is a little trick here about the day without the coffee filter paper :D
    just boil the coffee in the pot, any pot in your kitchen.
    the proportion is 2 tea spoons of coffee per one espresso cup of water.
    use cold water and add up the coffee since the beginning. ( add sugar now if you want it to be sweet)
    set the stuff on the stove.
    keep stirring all the time but not too fast, though. all the things will start to be well mix more and more…… dont stop :D
    untill it get a little hot like about to boil :D
    here is the important thing, dont let it boil for too long. the right way to do it is to take everything out of the stove when the first bubble bursts :)
    let all the coffee particle settle down a bit.
    and then you can gently pour your coffee into the espresso cup ( tricky part is to try to avoid the particle :) )
    as you know that this will not suitable for those who love drinking coffee with milk.
    what i have just told you here is how to make coffee in the turkish way :D ( i drink this coffee most of the time after dinner for my chillout before getting back to work on the thesis :( T^T…….-_-” )
    the tip is that the smaller the pot is ( should be the size that suites your amount of coffee just rite), the nicer and finer taste of coffee you will get :D
    i have learnt this from my turkish friends ( which again i dont know if they are mafia or not hahahaha)

  4. i totally understand the feeling of living in hell without coffee.
    as you know i am addicted to it as well. ( even used to drink somewhat like at least 5 cups a day during my crazy teenage life)
    i also have the italian mocca pot, myself. ( bought it in italy for 5 euros!! so freakin’ cheap)
    and today i have some trick for you to survive the day without the coffee filter :D
    just use instant coffee!!
    hahaha kidding :p
    well, i will teach you how to make a turkish coffee
    normally they have this special kind of coffee but i have found that the one that is used with the coffee machine taste similar as well. so it is doable in this case :D
    1. find the smallest pot from your kitchen. and the espresso cup.
    2. put 2 tea spoon of coffee in the pot. put sugar if you drink it sweet. put one cup of cold water measured from the espresso cup ( if you want more you can increased the portion by maintaining the same proportion)
    3. set your pot on the stove.
    4. keep stirring and dont stop. ( keep in mind not to stir too fast)
    5. stir until the coffee is about to boil
    6. take everything out of the stove when the first bubble bursts to the surface ( that is the right temperature for this kinda coffee, very important)
    7. let it settle down a bit.( precipitation process)
    8. pour your coffee gently to the espresso cup ( or a bigger cup if you have measure for that)
    # the tip here is to try to avoid the particle
    9. there it is your ready to serve turkish offee.
    ## the most important thing that will effect the smell and the taste of the coffee the most is you choose the small pot. the smaller the pot is the better the coffee taste. ( the pot that i normally use is with the size that is made for this coffee….. can contain only 2 espresso cup of water and that is all) if you choose the size match your amount of coffee, you will have your perfect turkish coffee ( keep in mind not to make it in the too big portion)
    ### the good turkish coffee is said to be very creamy ( foamy) on the top when surved

    i normally have it after dinner for chilling out before getting back to work on the thesis :(

    learn it from the turkish frinds, myself…….. ( who, again, i dont know if they are mafia or not hahhaahaha…….but for sure they wont kill me soon since they said i have been adopted to be their little sister…… in turkey it is said that if you make good coffee, you will be a good wife ( the bittlerer,the better) …….-_-” they are totally crazy!! but you will love them for sure…… so come to sweden and get to know these crazy people :D

  5. sorry it is kinda too long hahaha…… hopefully you can find the good use of the instruction above na.
    by the way, what happened to all the special sign ( sharp) that has turned to be number 1 instead?

  6. วันนี้เข้ามาดูอีกที เพิ่งเห็นว่ามันซ้ำ เพราะตอนแรกพิมพ์อันแรกแล้วกดส่ง แล้วเนตค้าง เชคดูแล้วเหมือนมันจะไม่ขึ้น เลยพิมพ์ใหม่ มาดูวันนี้อ้าวมันก็โพสท์ติดนี่นา เลยกลายเป็นคนทำอะไรซ้ำซ้อนไปเลย
    จะลบไปซักอันก็ได้นะ ไม่ว่ากัน

  7. มาเป็นสูตรเลยเว่ยเฮ้ยยยย แบบนีก้เสร็จโก๋ เอ๊ยย เสร็จพี่ส้มดิ 555

    ปล. ผมกลับมากินกาแฟแล้วนะพี่ส้ม หลังจากเลิกไปได้สองสามปี ฉะนั้น มาไทยคราวหน้า จะให้ชิมอะไรบอกโลด

  8. Meai: ไม่เป็นไร อุตส่าห์พิมพ์ซะยาวขนาดนั้นตั้งสองครั้ง เอาไว้อย่างนั้นแหละ :]
    Kyu: เตรียมตัวได้เลยน้อง

  9. แล้วเราจะเจอส้มเมื่อไหร่เนี่ย เดี๋ยวถ้าเจอกันจะทำกาแฟตุรกีให้ชิม ตอนนี้ชงเก่งแล้ว มาสวีเดนป่าว หรือว่าถ้าต้องไปเจอกันเมืองไทยก็ยังได้กินอยู่ดีเพราะจะหอบหม้อกลับไปด้วยใบเล็กกระจิ๊ดเดียวเอง แต่อยู่เยอรมันก็คนตุรกีเยอะ น่าจะมีขายตามร้าน “โดเน่อ” นะ

  10. ได้ข่าวว่าพี่ส้มจะกลับไปช่วงพฤจิ จริงป่าว? จะได้ลาออกจากงาน และล้างคอคอย ไปเที่ยวกันๆ

    ปล. Gmail 2dayago น่ะ ข้าพเจ้าเอง เฮ่อ~ ไม่รับซะที

  11. คิดถึงส้มจังเลย อยากชิมกาแฟฝีมือส้มฉบับปรับปรุงอ่ะ (ฉบับออริจิเน่าตอนนู้นน่ะ เอ่อ ก็อร่อยดีนะ) ยังไงก็อย่าลืมพก grinder และอุปกรณ์สารพัดนึกกลับมาชงให้ข้าพเจ้าชิมด้วยเน๊อ

    (ตลกรับประทานอีกแล้วเรา หุหุ)

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