A Game Developer with Gamer’s Insight

But the bottom line is that we are certain that CD copy protection costs more sales than it gains through “preventing piracy.” Gamers — particularly people who buy games — resent being treated like criminals, and it affects their purchasing decisions.

Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar Interview

Finally, someone (or a company) who understands how annoying it is to see ‘__Please insert the CD2 (eventhough we know you have installed 8GB with a all-in-harddrive option)__’.


3 Comments to “A Game Developer with Gamer’s Insight”

  1. หึ

  2. hey, maybe the CEO just wants to cut cost of producing the second disc, just kiddin’

    It is a very annoying experience for me, too, not to have an all-in-harddisk game but I quit playing games for a long time already, hu hu.

  3. อยากให้ The Sim2 เป็นงั้นมั่ง

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