First Rant: I’ll say it again — Am@zon, Am@zon, Am@zon

Now I’m ready to wring some necks. Nobody could access this blog for __nearly a week__. I thought the server was down — being too ignorant to check for other pages beside the index. The typical redirection of the page to one of the webhost promotion pages had fooled me. (I’m not even going to code-link that page, I’ve seen it often enough)

Having checked that the problem was neither an error in the SQL database, nor a temporarily mis-rendered WordPress script (checked with Verdiinpink running in parallel with an identical script), I then moved to attacked WordPress Codex and Support Forum. The shear number of 404, 403, .htaccess and other scripting/debugging galore made my head (or the room — same effect) spin.

With some unexplainable intuition (and the lack of faith in other’s answers), Awardspace’s Community Forum was my next target. A quick search of “WordPress”, and voila!, the case was solved.

_The cause of redirection_: *Am@zon* has been warmly embraced into the *Blacklisted Words* society — among other notable members: eb@y, p@ssp0rt, and p@yp@l. How can a blog be completely free of these words anyway? What bugged me most was propably the absence of announcement.

So index.php was redirected because of the _Hitchhiker’s_ post. So was the rest of the blog due to the Now Reading widget on the sidepanel[1].

Now that the case is closed, there’s a revenge to extract. As much as a penniless student can do, of course. As soon as I can find the new home, I’m outa here.

_Thanks_: *icon* for your post: Site is receiving 403 error. No friggin’ warning. “Not happy” indeed.

fn1. remind me to weed all Am@zon links off the plug-in later. I’m currently busy _fuming_ to do much else.


One Comment to “First Rant: I’ll say it again — Am@zon, Am@zon, Am@zon”

  1. Congratulation!

    Now, you solved the problem. :)

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