Treeson the Adorable Albino Hedgehog

I’m not sure whether or not it’s meant to be read by children, so the prose is kept as simple as possible (and grammatically weird at times). There’s also a Chinese version of the story. Despite many unexpected turns of ‘where-did-that-come-from’ events and many ‘huh?’s I made, I still find *Treeson* as cute and cuddly as an overgrown albino hedgehog with a branch sticking out of his heart can be. Kudos to *Bubi Au Yeung*, the creator.
[read the stories]

An excellent example of how I browse the web:

* A curious picture on Flickr’s group ‘Toys ( 玩具,おもちゃ )’.
* Following the caption: What the heck is Treeson?
* Seeing the model on Bubi’s website: Whoa… those spikes look complex, definitely not a simple mold-cast. What kind of manu. process is that? (And at such small batch, too)
* There’s a story of this creature? Cool. And a Flickr’s set , too.
* … and so on so forth

No wonder I spend most of my PC time browsing, and not remembering afterwards half of the stuff I have done.


One Comment to “Treeson the Adorable Albino Hedgehog”

  1. I don’t know whether it meant for children to read to but I like the story. It reminds me of The Sixth Sense (or something like that). I agree that albino is cute but cuddly is another matter. It’s too big for me :)

    By the way, the way you browse the web is amazing. Sound like you wander in the forest (and seem like you got lost too) and come out to the other side. But not remembering what you did is… err… a little extreme? How could you help me find the way out if you dont’ remember the way? :P

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